We help to become an elite kept woman in Moscow!

Our “SWEET GIRLS” agency helps girls to get acquainted with wealthy and successful men for promising relationships! To become an elite kept woman in Moscow and live in clover you just need to meet certain requirements: being interesting, attractive and optimistic. All men who are looking for kept women are interested in long term relations.

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ATTENTION PLEASE! Anonymity and confidentiality of our girls’ personalities are the most important things for our agency! Confidentiality is our basis. Therefore, we never put the profiles of girls in open access!

What is the meaning of being a kept woman?

Kept women and girls are girls who have relationships with wealthy men who completely support them financially. Those girls can do whatever they want: work, travel and have fun.

If you are 18 years old and you want to meet a wealthy sponsor for your carefree life, then you are on the right track! With the help of our agency, you can get married successfully! Thousands of young girls dream of becoming a kept woman, so they come to our agency. Our agency is the only professional one that arranges elite VIP dating, so that our clients and girls can love each other for real!

So, you have a wonderful chance to become a kept girl today! You should not put off such a great opportunity for tomorrow, because the competition is growing by the minute. The number of those who want to become a kept woman becomes larger.

Why should you find a sponsor through our agency:

  1. The real prospect of marriage. Almost all of our clients come to our agency not only to find love and encompass a woman with care and attention, but also to have a family.
  2. We check all the men and give a 100% guarantee on serious and mutual relations.
  3. Solving any problems and making all the dreams come true. All our clients are wealthy men who want to give the whole world to beloved one.
  4. IT’S FREE! You do not need to pay for anything! Just leave an application, pass an interview and wait for offers.

Feedbacks from the girls

Kept woman Milena
I have been looking for a sponsor in Moscow for a very long time, but I could not find him. But one day I came across the SWEET GIRLS escort agency, and I appealed to them for help. The agency has introduced me to a handsome, generous man, who really liked me. Now we are a happy couple.
Highly recommended!
Natalia became a kept woman
I have learned about this job from my friend who is a kept woman. She applied to the agency several years ago and it helped her to find a wonderful man who still supports her financially and plans to marry her. So I wanted to live the same wonderful life. I left the application and waited. Just a week later my sponsor was found. He fell in love with me at first sight. I reciprocated.
Maria is an elite kept woman
I came to Moscow from a small city. I had been trying to find a good job, make a career and meet a good man for a very long period of time. But everything went wrong. Then I decided to find a wealthy man finally. I appealed to the agency, and within a week I was overwhelmed with offers. I chose a handsome and young man. Now I am his elite kept woman.

We can find a sponsor for you within a day!

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